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Ruby @ Soup, still hiring!

Are you creative "just because", do you develop your own projects and are you unafraid of leaving well-travelled paths? Do you feel inspired by challenging problems? Are you honest and straightforward, speaking your mind? Do you like to work iteratively, frequently shipping products and updates that have an immediate impact on thousands of users? Do you appreciate a userbase that sometimes gets ahead of you in terms of creativity, and generally, awesomeness? Can you handle the freedom, flexibility and responsibility that comes with working in a productive, fast-paced and sometimes chaotic startup environment?

If you are that kind of person and your skillset fits to the following job description, we'd really like to hear from you.

Ruby (on Rails) Dev / Ops generalist 

For our current team we are looking for a proficient Ruby Developer that knows his/her way around the gems (like Ruby on Rails, Rack, RMagick, Nokogiri, GeoRuby and Capistrano ) and is willing and able to dig deep into the existing codebase of Soup. You drive feature development on a daily basis, and sometimes also fix operational issues as they arise. Although part of your responsibility will be ops, you will not be responsible for that alone, that topic is split between team members. 

You'll be joining a team of four in Vienna, Austria, working out of a hip coworking space (though a future move to Silicon Valley is likely) and be an equal when it comes to shaping the future of the product and company. The position is competitively remunerated. You are not required to speak German, but your English should be adequate for elaborate technical discussions, knowledge transfer and documentation. 

Our general tech stack involves many of the latest and greatest in web development, from Ruby (on Rails) to Python, JavaScript/HTML5, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcache, Varnish and many others. See for yourself!

  • Familiarity with Soup and/or competing products as a user
  • Activity in open source projects, user groups, hacker communities, etc.
  • Startup affinity, familiarity with the "lean startup" methodology, metrics-driven development, agile development practices, etc.
  • Front end and UI design, marketing or SEO skills
  • Immediate availability
We ♥ diversity: Members of groups underrepresented in the tech scene will be given precedence. Please don't hesitate to apply. 

To apply, email team@soup.io. No need for formalities, provide a personal introduction and links to your work instead.
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